Bryan Cranston Doesn't Think Ahead On <i>Breaking Bad</i>

You might not know it judging by the three straight Emmy awards he's earned for his portrayal of meth-cook Walter White, but Bryan Cranston actively avoids knowing too much about the future of Breaking Bad.

Speaking with Collider, Cranston said that it's in the best interest of his performance and therefore the show to not invest too deeply in what's coming down the line; instead, the actor keeps his focus on Walter's present predicaments.

"I just don’t know it," he said when asked about the plot for the show's developing fourth season. "It’s true. I haven’t asked and they haven’t told me. I don’t want to know. This is such a journey for Walter White. He doesn’t know what’s happening, from moment to moment, so I didn’t want to ruin it. I enjoy reading the scripts cold and seeing where it goes, just like you’re reading a good novel. If someone were to tell me, in a thumbnail sketch, what happens, I’d be disappointed. I don’t want them to tell me. I want to experience it. That’s my philosophy on it. So, I honestly truly don’t know where this fourth season is going."

Although his vision of the future is murky, Cranston's grasp on Walter's journey to date is decidedly firm: "Walter is in a metamorphosis. When we first started the show, I could tell you who he was, and what he is and what he isn’t, as most people can. But, at this stage, Walter doesn’t even know. He’s coming to grips with the dark side of his personality. At first, he had to acknowledge that there is such a thing, and now he’s embracing it. This third season was all about accepting who you are, so that you can stay alive in this very dangerous game. He’s learning about himself. When I look at it now, objectively, I think he’s going to try to hold onto as much of that altruistic nature as he can. It’s a, “I’m doing this for my family,” point of view. But, in reality, I don’t think so. He’s found some sort of addictive quality to the rush of the game itself, that he didn’t even know he had. I think about that and realize that, given the right set of circumstances, just about any one of us can be that dangerous."

AMC is airing the entirety of Breaking Bad on Wednesday nights over the next several weeks. The series begins production on its fourth season in January, with new episodes premiering next summer.

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