15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

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The DC Extended Universe seems to be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to people taking it seriously. While many fans defend the movies every step of the way, there are just as many who hate the way that DC portrays certain heroes. Other arguments include the tone of the films, the lack of humor in much of the output, and the fact that it can’t seem to match the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to critical success. Because of the perceived deficiencies of the DCEU, there have been a plethora of opportunities for people to create some brutally funny memes, many of which DC might not find very humorous at all.

Whether people are mocking the direction and style of the DCEU movies or are making fun of specific heroes or villains, there are plenty of funny memes floating around the Internet right now. Fans enjoy poking fun at Batman, Superman and always love throwing shade at Aquaman, and all three of those DC Comics superheroes are represented on this list among the movie-specific entries. With so many fun memes out there, here are 15 brutal one that DC does not find funny, but you  almost certainly will.

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15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)
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15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

One of the most polarizing scenes from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice came when Batman and Superman were fighting, and Batman had taken the upper hand. With the Kryptonite weakening Superman, and Batman ready to go for the kill, the Man of Steel said that Batman was going to get Martha killed. That took Batman, whose mother was also named Martha, by surprise and eventually ended their fight.

This entire “Martha” scene became a joke online, and meme makers exploded with content. Forget the fact that the scene was meant to humanize Superman in the eyes of Batman, who before simply saw him as a powerful alien. The idea that one name could suddenly make them buddies was unintentionally funny. This meme, with images pulled from a party where Bruce and Clark met, was a perfect spot to pull the trigger on this joke.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

One thing that fans of Batman movies have gotten used to over the years is the voice of Bruce Wayne when he is wearing the Batman cowl. Whether it is older Batman actors like Michael Keaton or the more recent efforts of Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, Batman will growl out his comments to disguise his voice. One of the funny jokes during the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films was that it sounded like Batman needed a throat lozenge.

Flash forward to 2017 and DCEU movies continue to have Batman growling when in costume – even when talking to characters who know his secret identity. Meanwhile, on The CW, Oliver Queen uses a voice modulator to disguise his voice as Green Arrow. Even Spider-Man had one in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Affleck's version finally followed suit, but it sure did take a while!


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

Christopher Nolan made a lot of changes to the aesthetics of Batman when he started his Dark Knight trilogy. Many of those things worked, including streamlining his uniform (more specifically eliminating the nipples). However, there was one change that Nolan did that rubbed many DC Comics fans the wrong way. He took the classic sleek Batmobile and turned it into the Tumbler. The reason made sense because it made the vehicle more tactical for battle, but fans of the sleeker model were not pleased.

The problem is that it looked a little strange, with its bulky, angular shape and giant tires. Warner Bros. liked it and stuck with it, even using a form of the car today in the DCEU. That makes this meme showing a giant tractor that looks eerily like the Tumbler so funny. The icing on the cake was when Farmer Batman gave it a thumb’s up.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

When Zack Snyder had to leave Justice League after the death of his daughter, Joss Whedon came in and took over filming. Whedon did some re-writes, and the cast returned to shoot some extra footage. There was one problem with this situation. Henry Cavill was shooting Mission: Impossible 6 and his contract for that movie required him to keep a mustache throughout the shoot.

What this means is that Cavill was required to return for re-shoots on Justice League, but he was also required to keep his mustache for his new movie, so suddenly Superman had facial hair. The DCEU edited out the mustache in post-production, and it looked very strange in the final product. This is something DC might not want fans to remember, let alone laugh at.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

While there are a lot of complaints concerning the DCEU from comic book fans, one area that few people have a problem with is the television output, specifically the Arrowverse. With Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, there are a lot of good things coming from DC Comics on the small screen. However, that doesn't mean that fans can't poke some fun at the shows with clever memes.

One of the more popular memes from the DC television universe centered on the lack of facial expressions from Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow. The photos were mostly from the first season of Arrow, and he has loosened up somewhat since then. On a side note, Amell loved the meme and actually shared it on his own Facebook page.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

If there is one thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe does, it is to create family-friendly superhero films. While Fox has pushed the boundaries with R-rated movies like Deadpool and Logan, everything that Marvel makes is something that parents and children can enjoy together, even with the deaths and evil villains just safe enough to not give a child nightmares.

However, the DCEU has pushed the boundaries, having Superman break the neck of General Zod in Man of Steel and then even killing Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It wasn't until Wonder Woman that DC seemed to ease up a little. However, one meme that shows the difference between a family-friendly villain and a DC villain is the one with Loki and Jared Leto's Joker, someone that would give even parents nightmares.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

When comparing the films from the MCU and DCEU, the most significant difference comes in the tone. While Marvel seems to want fans to have a good time while watching the movies, DC mostly kept its films based in the real world. Marvel had no problem with taking Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy and showing how fun superhero movies could be. DC had no problem showing what a real world would think if a superhero showed up.

This meme showed an overly dramatic look at Superman, making mention of the serious nature of his existence and how it weighed him down inside. The added punch here was the old rumor that DC banned all jokes in its movies. Meanwhile, a giant walking tree and a raccoon with a massive gun show how serious Marvel is with its characters.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

It seems right that a meme glorifying Marvel and bashing the DCEU would feature animated characters from a Disney movie, since the House of Mouse owns the House of Ideas. This is yet another meme that shows that DC Comics and the DCEU is not something that might be suitable for young audiences or anyone who wants to have a good time watching movies.

The DCEU has made major changes in 2017, releasing the very entertaining and light-hearted Wonder Woman and the fun action-adventure movie Justice League. With so many complaints about its dark universe, it makes sense that the company might want fans to not think about the doom and gloom anymore. That makes a meme that calls the DCEU the "shadowy place" something that it might want fans to ignore.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

Netflix premiered a series in 2015 titled Making a Murderer, a 10-episode season that explored the murder case involving Steven Avery. This was a massive endeavor, as the production filmed a detailed look at the case stretching over 10 years. It is also highly controversial as a judge ordered Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey, to be released from prison. It was a huge series and one with a lot of implications towards the criminal justice system.

Speaking of criminal justice, the most controversial decision that Zack Snyder made when he brought Batman into his DCEU was to allow the Caped Crusader to kill. With the longstanding tradition that Batman never kills, this was a shock to the system of DC Comics fans. This meme takes the original Making a Murderer poster and replaces the faces with that of Snyder and Batman.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

With everything to complain about concerning the changes that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made to the Superman and Batman mythos, this one seems a little silly. While there admittedly was a lot of hatred towards the performance of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, the idea that fans were angry due to Luthor having hair seems strange. Complain about his over-the-top acting or his Alexander Luthor comparisons, but this was not the first time Luthor had hair.

Most fans of Superman movies have good opinions of Lex Luthor from the original Christopher Reeve efforts. Gene Hackman portrayed that character and fans have to remember that his Lex had hair as well. The story is that Hackman refused to shave his head and he was such a huge catch that the producers signed off on a Luthor with hair.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

Whether in the movies or comic books, one thing that always seemed strange about Superman was that he could put on a pair of glasses and no one knew he was actually Clark Kent. Even before Lois Lane knew the truth, the fact she could have dinner with Superman and work with Kent and have no idea they were the same person seems ludicrous, especially for a reporter.

Wonder Woman is even harder to believe. Diana Prince and Wonder Woman look the exact same, except one wears more clothes. Despite this, her identity remains a secret. The fact that Captain America and Iron Man wear masks, but everyone knows their identities, while Superman and Wonder Woman doesn't and remain a secret, stretches believability a little too much at times. At least Batman wears a mask.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

Batman, throughout the years, was a dark crimefighter who tried to remain a loner and not let anyone get close. However, his secret identity of Bruce Wayne was always seen as a playboy, the opposite of his heroic counterpart. Bruce had Vicki Vale in the 1989 version and Chase Meridian in Batman Forever. He had Catwoman in Batman Returns, Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and Talia al Ghul in Dark Knight Rises.

As the DCEU is growing strong, Superman has Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman had Steve Trevor. Aquaman even got a hint of a love with Mera. However, this new Batman has no one, and Bruce Wayne has no love life, as Alfred quipped in Justice League. Batman just has his car, and that seems a sad tradeoff for one of the biggest playboys in DC Comics history.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

There were a lot of complaints about Man of Steel when it hit theaters back in 2013, but with a 55-percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (and 75 percent fresh from fans), it was not the disaster many claimed it to be. However, putting Superman in the real world where some feared him, and others worshipped him turned off people due to its serious nature.

With that said, the complaints about Man of Steel pale in comparison to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. At 27 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a lower audience score as well, fans were loud and angry at the changes made to Batman and Superman. In this meme, it seems Superman was not happy about the final result either. Even Krypto seems disappointed.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

Arguably, the biggest joke in the DC Comics Universe surrounds the character of Aquaman. It is really unfair as he is the King of Atlantis and one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire world. Sadly, due mostly to the old cartoon Super Friends and recent appearances on Robot Chicken, Aquaman became a punchline.

Justice League has started to change that, as Jason Momoa knocked it out of the park with his portrayal of Aquaman, one of the highlights of the entire movie. Despite that, it will take a lot to finally remove Aquaman from the punchline of DC Comics jokes. This meme shows what Aquaman might want to do when people underestimate his importance as a superhero in the DCEU.


15 Brutal Memes DC Does NOT Find Funny (But You Will)

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to coast along, making hundreds of millions at the box office without blinking an eye, and also getting critical praise along the way, the DCEU has to fight for everything it gets. Sure, DC movies still make money, but it never seems enough, and the critics seem to loathe every release on its schedule, outside of Wonder Woman.

This meme came along before Wonder Woman and showed Superman mocking Iron Man since Warner Bros. owns all the DC Comics characters while Marvel has to share it's with Fox, Sony and more. However, Iron Man quips back that the only one DC used right was Batman. Wonder Woman has changed that, and the DCEU is actively trying to erase this meme's logic.

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