The Arrowverse: The 15 Most Brutally Epic Fight Scenes

Using your words only gets you so far and sometimes physical confrontation is the only solution. Arrowverse heroes would certainly agree with this one. Be it a friend or a foe, they are not afraid to stand their ground. Over the past five years we’ve seen them stand up to metahumans, aliens, archers, leagues and legions, immortals and even gods. Every week eager fans tune in to watch their favorite heroes beat the living hell out of their foes, and occasionally vice-versa.

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The cast and crew of all four Arrowverse shows work tirelessly to make these amazing scenes possible and have received high praise for immaculate fight scene choreography. And while our heroes and legends may not always win, they always give an outstanding performance. Sometimes, the battles they engage in are swift and more or less painless. Other times, however, these showdowns can be quite brutal. Barry Allen sure received his fair share of beatings, especially from other speedsters. Even the tough guy Oliver Queen has suffered a handsome amount of heavy punches. On the other hand, Sara and Thea’s bloodlust proved almost lethal for their opponents. So, with that in mind, let us take a look at 15 most brutal Arrowverse fight scenes.

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Oliver Queen vs. Slade Wilson
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Oliver Queen vs. Slade Wilson

Arrow’s exciting season two finale “Unthinkable” still holds up as one of the best finale episodes in the Arrowverse. While Team Arrow and the League of Assassins led by Nyssa al Ghul fended off Deathstroke’s army on the streets of Starling City, Oliver reminisced about the time he fought Slade aboard the Amazo.

Slade had captured Oliver and Sara on the Amazo, where he unsuccessfully tested the effects of Mirakuru on various prisoners. Just as Slade was about to shoot Oliver, he was stopped by Anatoly. Oliver and Slade then started fighting as the ship continued to accumulate water. Oliver managed to best Slade, who got trapped by the debris. Angered and desperate, Slade threatened to come after everyone Oliver loved, which provoked Oliver enough to put an arrow through Slade’s eye.


The Flash vs The Man in the Yellow Suit

In this momentous first showdown Barry Allan came face to face with the man who murdered his mother, the Reverse-Flash. Barry first spotted the so-called man in the yellow suit watching him from a rooftop across the street. Barry chased after the other speedster demanding answers for his mother’s death. But, the man in the yellow suit told Barry that he will have to catch him first.

After a red-and-yellow-streaked chase through the streets of Central City, the two speedsters ended up fighting at the stadium. The man in the yellow suit started taunting Barry while outmatching him in both speed and fighting abilities. After giving the inexperienced Barry a royal beating, the man in the yellow suit sped off leaving our hero with more than just his pride wounded.


Oliver vs Malcolm Ra's al Ghul

According to Felicity, episode 13 of season four featured one of Oliver’s craziest ideas in a very competitive field of over-the-top insane plans the Emerald Archer has been known to have in his vigilante career. It all started when Nyssa offered Oliver a cure for Thea’s bloodlust in exchange for him killing Malcolm.

They managed to convince Malcolm to meet with Nyssa and give her the command of the League of Assassins, but Malcolm wouldn’t go down without a fight. However, before the duel even started, Oliver stepped in and decided to fight Merlyn on Nyssa’s behalf as her husband. Oliver succeeded at besting Merlyn in battle, but refused to kill him. Instead, he cut off Malcolm’s left hand, stripping him of the title of Ra’s al Ghul.


Team Arrow and League of Assassins vs. Deathstroke's Army

In the exhilarating season two finale of Arrow titled “Unthinkable,” Oliver and his friends are faced with an impossible task when Deathstroke unleashes an army of innocent Starling City citizens under the influence of Mirakuru. Teamwork is Oliver's only option if he wants to stop Slade. Team Arrow enlists the help of Nyssa al Ghul, Amanda Waller and Captain Lance in order to stop Slade’s Mirakuru army.

Teaming up with Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, Captain Lance and his police officers, as well as Nyssa al Ghul’s League of Assassins, Team Arrow takes to the streets of Starling City determined to cure the Mirakuru army. In one hell of a massive fight scene our determined heroes and their allies manage to emerge victorious against all odds.


In Supergirl’s thrilling season two finale, Supergirl goes head to head with her younger/older cousin, Superman. Under the influence of Queen Rhea’s silver Kryptonite, Superman hallucinates that Kara is the villainous General Zod and starts attacking her. The two Kryptonians engage in a fierce battle across National City and the sky above it. Naturally, with their combined strength they wreck half the city.

In this legendary showdown, the super-cousin duo gave each other quite the beating in a pretty evened-out battle. However, as the title of the episode suggests “Nevertheless, she persisted,” with all of her might the Girl of Steel succeeded at rendering Superman unconscious. In the wake of his defeat, the Man of Steel had no choice but to cede the title of Earth’s champion to his cousin.


Green Arrow vs Prometheus (Adrian Chase)

Prometheus has been a sore in Green Arrow’s eye from the start of season five and finally in an amazing episode appropriately titled “Checkmate” Oliver finds out the true identity of his nemesis. In a high-stake fight Oliver faces off against his former friend and colleague Adrian Chase, with the help of his trusted ally John Diggle and his new Team Arrow.

Oliver and Diggle try to use Chase’s wife as leverage but their strategy backfires when Chase coldheartedly stabs his own wife. After Diggle runs off with Chase’s wounded wife, Green Arrow and Prometheus go head to head. Both archers get thrown through glass, walls and doors and end up pretty banged up. Their fight is stopped by the arrival of Talia al Ghul who shoots Oliver with an arrow just before his team shows up.


Sara vs Savage's Goons

In episode three of Legends of Tomorrow’s first season, a determined Rip makes a plan to go after Vandal Savage’s financial assets by infiltrating his bank. Fortunately for Rip and unfortunately for Savage’s men, Rip decided to take Sara on the mission.

Rip’s initial plan, which did not involve any sort of physical confrontation whatsoever, went in the pooper the moment Sara realized they have been made by Savage’s goons. The completely unprepared Rip stood on the sidelines holding a coat hanger, while Sara, aided by her many knives, did all the hard work. Still under the influence of bloodlust, Sara singlehandedly took down six goons. Luckily, Rip managed to stop her in the nick of time before she killed the man they need to get information from.


Oliver vs. Malcolm Merlyn

Season one of Arrow had some of the most brutal fights, especially between The Hood and The Dark Archer, aka Malcolm Merlyn. In “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” with the Undertaking just days away, Team Arrow raced against the clock to stop Merlyn’s dangerous plans. In an effort to obtain the device, John got into the Merlyn Global HQ.

Oliver Queen went after Merlyn and soon realized that killing him will not be an easy task as Merlyn revealed that he is the Dark Archer. The two archers engaged in a spectacular high-octane fight in Merlyn's office. Naturally, they managed to shatter and break everything in their way before Merlyn succeeded at rendering The Hood unconscious. After beating the Emerald Archer, Merlyn unmasked The Hood and discovers his true identity.


Speedy vs Anarky

Fresh out of the Lazarus Pit, Thea starts to exhibit bloodlust. In episode nine of season four, a friend of the Queens, Jessica Danforth, announces her run for mayor of Star City, which prompts Damien Darhk to orchestrate the kidnapping of her daughter Madison. Sworn to protect Jessica and her family, Oliver and Team Arrow set out to rescue Madison.

Unfortunately, the plan goes awry when Thea’s bloodlust gets a tad out of control. The kidnapper, Lonnie Machin, manages to stun both Green Arrow and Speedy. Thea gets on her feat faster and after smacking Lonnie into a shelf of flammable chemicals uses his own stun baton to set him on fire. Influenced by the bloodlust, Thea watches in joy as Anarky burns up. Luckily, Oliver manages to set off the sprinklers saving Lonnie’s life and bringing Thea to her senses.


Arrow vs Deathstroke

While Team Arrow and the League of Assassins were fending off Deathstroke’s Mirakuru army, Oliver was facing his greatest enemy once again. Shown parallel with Oliver and Slade’s brutal fight on the Amazo, their duel in Star City did not fall short.

After Felicity injected Slade with the Mirakuru cure, Slade and Oliver battled it out in the final showdown of the season. Slade was certain that Oliver would kill him in retaliation for the murder of his mother Moira. Not knowing that Oliver has made a vow not to kill. After a long and hard duel, Oliver managed to use a trick arrow to strap Slade to a pole. To Slade's utter disappointment, Oliver let him live and turned him to A.R.G.U.S.


Legends vs Reverse-Flash

In an action-filled last season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends once again fought the notorious Legion of Doom. In a high-stakes battle with the fate of the world at risk, the Legends set out to destroy the Speer of Destiny once and for all. The episode featured some serious time travel shenanigans, lots of surprises and the return of fan-favorite Captain Cold.

The entire fight between the Legends and the Legion was an incredible act. Yet, the most awesome and brutal moment had to be the Legends defeating Reverse-Flash. After taking control of the Speer of Destiny, Sara made just one small adjustment and finally managed to defeat the Reverse-Flash. Out of nowhere, the Black Flash appeared and finally and put an end to Reverse-Flash.


Green Arrow vs Damien Darhk

Arrow’s season four finale “Schism” brought yet another massive fight featuring Team Arrow and the enraged citizens of Star City. This time against Damien Darhk and his army of goons. While Arrow’s fourth season certainly had its issues, which could’ve and should’ve been dealt with, this final fight against Darhk almost redeemed the season’s shortcomings.

When Oliver and Darhk’s final showdown started things weren’t looking so good for the Emerald Archer. Darhk basically threw Oliver around like a toy. However, the brave citizens of Star City took to the streets in defense of their hero, the Green Arrow. With tables turned, Oliver finally got the upper hand against Darhk. In a moment of poetic justice, Oliver stabbed an arrow deep into Darhk’s torso, the same way Darhk killed Laurel.


The Flash vs Savitar

Our boy Barry sure has a bad track record when it comes to first encounters with his speedster foes. In season one, Reverse-Flash gave him a pretty good beating at the stadium. In season two, Zoom basically knocked him out cold in front of the entire city. And the season three villain, the self-proclaimed God of Speed, Savitar tormented Barry both mentally and physically.

At the end of episode six, just as Team Flash managed to get the upper hand over Alchemy, Savitar finally made his official appearance. After attacking Team Flash and Joe’s SWAT team, the God of Speed grabbed The Flash and “offered” to take him for a run. Episode seven opened with Barry being dragged all around the city once again. Savitar gave Barry the beating of a lifetime before Cisco and Caitlin came to his rescue.


Oliver vs Ra's al Ghul

In one of the best Arrow episodes to date, the mid-season finale of season three titled “The Climb,” Oliver Queen battled one his biggest foes, Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s gave Oliver 48 hours to find Sara’s killer, otherwise the League will start killing the citizens of Starling City. To protect his sister Thea, who killed Sara under Malcolm’s control, Oliver turns himself in and challenges Ra’s to a trial by combat.

Their epic duel took place at a mountaintop in Nanda Parbat. The Emerald Archer, armed with two swords, struggled against an unarmed Ra’s. They exchanged blows and Ra’s managed to take one of Oliver’s swords. The sword fight continued and Ra’s pushed Oliver towards the edge of a cliff. Oliver tried to fight back but Ra’s blocked him. Finally, Ra’s stabbed Oliver through the chest and kicked him off the mountainside.


The Flash vs Zoom

In one of The Flash’s best episodes titled “Enter Zoom,” Barry met the season two big bad, Zoom. The speed demon has been referenced from episode one, however, this is the first time Barry made contact with him and, as expected, got quite beaten in the process.

Barry set a risky trap in a desperate attempt to capture Zoom, but the frightening Earth-2 speedster was two steps ahead of him. Zoom broke into S.T.A.R. Labs and essentially snatched The Flash. Zoom then proceeded to literally drag The Flash across town while beating him in front of Central City citizens to demonstrate how weak their hero really is. Finally, Zoom brought the half-unconscious Flash back to S.T.A.R. Labs with the intent to kill the speedster in front of his friends. Luckily, Cisco stopped Zoom by shooting him with the speed dampening serum.

Which one of these fights do you think was the most brutal? Let us know in the comments!

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