Brunswick & Romita JR'S "Gray Area" Optioned

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 15 August, 2005 -- The Hollywood Reporter announced

today that top production company Benderspink has optioned the rights

to the Image Comics graphic novel THE GRAY AREA by writer Glen

Brunswick and comics legend John Romita, Jr.

"John (Romita Jr.) and I are simply thrilled to be working with

Benderspink Productions," said Brunswick. "They seem to have a knack

for turning out really fun, quality pictures."

THE GRAY AREA is a supernatural thriller that follows Rudy Chance

into the afterlife following his execution at the hands of the drug

cartel he sought to double-cross. A brutal, corrupt copy an


womanizer, Chance expects to wind up in Hell. Instead, he finds

himself in the Gray Area, where he is given extraordinary powers and

forced to combat evil as part of a kind of afterlife "police force"

in order to gain a shot at redemption. Benderspink is viewing the

property as a potential franchise.

"While we realize that a "Gray Area" film is still a long way off

from actually happening, it's heartening and exciting to be shown

such a strong degree of enthusiasm from Benderspink for our original

source material," concluded Brunswick.

Brunswick was recently tapped to write the film adaptation of the

Wildstorm/DC comic "Ex Machina" for New Line. Both Benderspink


Productions and Brunswick are attached as producers on "Ex Machina."

Originally published in 2004 as a three-issue miniseries, THE GRAY

AREA was collected both as a trade paperback and limited edition

signed hardcover earlier this year. The trade paperback (FEB051577)

is available now, and so is a very small quantity of the limited

edition signed hardcover (FEB051578). Your local retailer can contact

their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering.

Rudy Chance makes his next comic book appearance in a short story by

Brunswick and artist Cully Hamner, set to run in the upcoming IMAGE

COMICS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, available for order in the October issue of


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