Bruce Willis Welcomes You to 'Vice' in New Trailer

"Have you ever wanted something that was beyond your reach?" asks Bruce Willis in the trailer for his new sci-fi crime film Vice.

Willis stars as the administrator of Vice, a lawless and supposedly utopian society that promises to give all who enter everything they want -- as long as they're fine doing whatever they want to lifelike robots. These artificial humans give Vice's visitors the chance to live out their wildest and darkest fantasies free of consequences as all of their brains are rebooted every 24 hours. But when one android (Ambyr Childers) escapes Vice's borders, she threatens to blow their scheme wide open.

Vice also stars Thomas Jane as a cop tasked with tracking Childers' android down. Even though this movie is framed as a Willis/Jane joint, the trailer gives Childers pretty much all of the big action moments. The film hits theaters -- and iTunes -- on Jan. 16.

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