Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker See "RED 2," Shoot Bees

There are interviews you can control. And there are interviews with Bruce Willis talking almost exclusively about shooting bees. CBR News' conversation with Willis and "RED 2" co-star Mary-Louise Parker is the second kind of interview.
For context: I had less than three minutes to speak with the paired-up Willis and Parker at Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate's "RED 2" junket in New York City last week. There were several items on the agenda: Speaking with them about the evolution of Frank Moses and Sarah Ross' relationship in the film, learning more about Parker's stunt-work, getting a clue or two about where they want to take the "RED" franchise for a third installment.

But the artists commonly known as John McClane and Nancy Botwin were more interested in talking about the time Willis shot a bee on the "RED 2" set -- and once I knew that was a real thing that happened, so was I.

Read on for Willis and Parker's insight into their "RED" relationship, their hopes for a space-bound sequel, and -- that's right -- the time Bruce Willis shot a bee.

CBR News: Can you talk about the relationship between Frank and Sarah in this movie? Clearly they've grown quite a bit since the first "RED."

Mary Louise Parker: Well, there's been a devolution through Costco. That pretty much says it all. That speaks for everything, right? You show us in Costco, you don't have to say anything.

Bruce Willis: I like Costco. Her? Not so much. Our relationship is going through some changes. She wants to be in the band. John Malkovich gives her a weapon, and it takes off from there. But she looks good with a gun.

Did you enjoy diving more into the action aspects of the film this time around?

Parker: I'm not a huge fan of weapons, so when they say cut, generally, I'm ready to hand it back. But it's fun to play within the dynamic of the character. [To Bruce] Didn't you shoot a bee or something? Remember that day? You shot it, didn't you?

You -- shot a bee?

Willis: I did. [Pauses, sighs] I shot a bee.

Parker: I thought I imagined it. I just started telling the story and I thought, 'That couldn't have actually happened.' But it did.

Uh, what happened there?

Willis: Well, there was a big bee --

Parker: And it was about to land on me --

Willis: It was about to land on you --

Parker: So he shot it! That's a level of masculinity you should not even strive for. [Points to Willis] It only happens here.

Willis: I didn't want her to get stung!

Parker: So he shot it! [Laughs] It was kind of hot.

Willis: It was a little overkill. I think the bees will always look at me in a different way.

OK, past the bees -- "RED 2" ups its game by taking the story across the globe: Paris, London, Moscow. If you get the chance to do "RED 3," where would you want to take the story?

Willis: We're talking about that. I don't think I should be a part of the conversation. I think [Parker] should be the boss.

Parker: Wouldn't you like to go somewhere not so far? Maybe somewhere warm?

Russia was cold?

Willis: Well, it was cooler. It was cooler. We went to the Kremlin scene, through that little tunnel, right behind that store -- was it a Dunkin' Donuts?

Parker: It was some kind of pizza --

It was Papa John's!

Both: Papa John's!

Willis: Yeah, that was a cool day. But I'm fine with weather. We can go anywhere. [Pauses] The moon. "RED 5: The Moon."

Parker: The moon! Space! Or Disneyland.

Willis: The world's happiest place.

"RED 2" opens in theaters on July 19, 2013. Stay tuned for CBR News' interviews with the film's co-stars Helen Mirren and Byung-hun Lee.

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