Clearly Bruce Willis Forgot to Tell Fox That Die Hard Isn't a Christmas Movie

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Just when everybody thought the matter was settled about Die Hard’s status as a Christmas movie -- after Bruce Willis declared his iconic film is a “Bruce Willis movie” and “not a Christmas movie” at the recently-taped and ready-to-air Comedy Central Roast to the man himself -- FOX, the studio behind the Die Hard series, clearly didn’t get the memo.

In a new video entitled “Die Hard Halfway to Christmas” released Thursday, July 19 (the halfway point to Christmas in 2018), Fox plays up the Christmas elements of the movie as the most Christmasy clips of the film were cut together to give the whole six-months-until-the-holiday, and maybe even the general Christmas-in-July vibe, the kind of bang only Die Hard can deliver.

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The video begins with John McClane requesting Christmas music and, naturally, is peppered throughout with gunfire and explosions. After a bevy of wishes of "Merry Christmas" from a bunch of different characters, the video ends on the scene where a guy tells McClane "Merry Christmas" before planting a kiss on his cheek, leaving him in complete shock.

Is Fox acknowledging Willis' sudden dismissal of the film as a Christmas movie...?

Willis may dismiss the theory but Fox obviously sees continuing potential in it and may just have joined the list defenders of Die Hard as a classic you can watch around the Holiday season.

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