Bruce Wayne Will Discover Who Killed His Parents on "Gotham"

In a recent article by TV Guide, "Gotham" executive producer Bruno Heller answered questions about what viewers can expect in the latter half of season two.

First off, Heller addressed the consequences Jim Gordon will face now that he has taken the life of Theo Galavan. "The biggest price he will pay is in his relationship with Lee Tompkins," Heller said. "He's certainly compromised. He's stepped over that moral line. Jim Gordon has made a terrible mistake, which he's going to pay for."

On what to expect for Oswald Cobblepot in season two, Heller said guest star B.D. Wong ("Jurassic World") will, "make a new man out of [Penguin] in many ways." The first images of Penguin's father, played by Paul Reubens ("Batman Returns") surfaced online yesterday, which should also set up an interesting journey for Oswald in season two.

Lastly, and most importantly, Heller said that Bruce Wayne will finally discover the identity of his parent's killers. "Gotham's" first episode opened with the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and Bruce's quest for vengeance has spanned the entire series. Now that Galavan's history with the Wayne family has been revealed, it will be interesting to see how and when the truth about the Wayne's death will come to light -- and how it will affect Bruce.

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