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Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batgirl #1

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Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batgirl #1

I’ve enjoyed the heck out of the regular “Batgirl” title, and this issue is essentially a bonus issue of “Batgirl,” as it is crafted by the current creative team. Buried under a title with more semicolons than any title properly deserves, the crux of this issue is “Batgirl.” Bryan Q. Miller brings the same excitement and lighthearted exuberance to this special issue that he provides to Stephanie (Batgirl) Brown in every issue of the monthly title. This issue defines Batgirl for new readers, old readers, and casual readers. Everything you need to know about Batgirl, from who she is to whom she relies on and why, is right here in this book. The end result is one of the best comics DC is going to print this month. Yes, I’m making a rather bold statement a little over halfway through the month, but I stand by it. This book is that enjoyable.

This issue falls in the midst of the “Bruce Wayne: The Road Home” series and gives Bruce a chance to catch up on developments in his legacy. Bruce Wayne’s return opens up the playbook and puts on display just how much plotting and planning Bruce Wayne put into place before he left. There’s a surprise and a half in this issue and it makes the story that much more enjoyable.

Pere Perez’s art is solid and clean, with just enough detail to craft a world that is believable and realistic. Once the back cover is closed, it’s not hard to imagine having seen this same story on the small screen, the big screen, or even in that one office down at the university. It’s a sharp book that plays up the strengths of the writing marvelously.

Miller has made Batgirl a character that comic fans of all ages can appreciate. Batgirl is quick with a quip, like classic Spider-Man, unafraid of the world around her, like Nightwing, and full of hope, like Superman. The end result is a story that every fan can appreciate and fans of all ages can enjoy. “Batgirl” is going to gain some extra exposure through this “Bruce Wayne” event, and fans that find this character through this event will certainly be glad they met her here.