Bruce Wayne Survives 500 Days Straight of Chipotle

Bruce Wayne is known by many names. The Dark Knight. Batman. But Batman the Chipotle Ambassador? Well, that's a new one.

A man in Tiffin, Ohio legally named Bruce Wayne completed a truly stunning feat this week: Eating at Chipotle 500 days in a row. That's right, Mr. Wayne arguably risked his life and dined at the Mexican fast food chain for over a year, dawning a full Batman costume on day 500. "Leather isn't very forgiving,"  Wayne told the Findlay Courier. He finished his mission Wednesday at the the TIffin Chipotle branch with a complimentary chicken quesadilla and a visit from "Batman Jr."

While this increasingly strange world may not need any explanation for this daring, extreme journey, Wayne put his namesake to heroic as well as imaginative use. Beating the previous record for 426 consecutive days eaten at a Mexican fast food chain (it's a thing), Chipotle donated $4,260 to Seneca-based Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment in honor of the $10 per day record Wayne vanquished.

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Wayne closed his 500 days with a post thanking Chipotle and everyone at its Tiffin branch, and with words to live by: "Peace and Love, to everyone; ALWAYS!!!"

We probably haven't seen the last of mrwaynethebat. As he teased on the eve of his 500 day mission's end: "Tomorrow, isn’t just the end of one adventure; it’s the start of a new one. Stay tuned...?"

The Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment (FACT) is a nonprofit, volunteer agency dedicated to assisting Seneca County of Ohio residents diagnosed with cancer. Read more about them here.

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