Bruce Timm Chronicles Jean Grey's History in "All-New X-Men" #25 Page

Marvel Comics' upcoming "All-New X-Men" #25, written by Brian Michael Bendis, features a vast array of artists for the 25th issue jam, including fan-favorite artist and "Batman: The Animated Series" co-creator, Bruce Timm. In anticipation of the issue's release in April, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso took to Twitter to reveal a piece of Timm's contribution to the issue, which chronicles the complicated and lengthy history of Jean Grey in a single page.

"'All-New X-Men' #25, is a double, close to triple-size anniversary issue. It's kind of like the tail-end of the fiftieth anniversary of the X-Men celebration," Bendis said when announcing the issue in January. "It is an all-star jam issue, and we specifically went for people who I've never worked with before, or, literally, you'll never get a whole book out of them. We're putting together the final pieces right now, but Bruce Timm and Art Adams and Paul Smith and quite a few other people are joining us."


"All-New X-Men" #25 debuts in April.

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