Bruce Campbell Lambasts Martin Scorsese Over Marvel Comments

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In the ongoing conversation about Martin Scorsese's comments on Marvel films, actor Bruce Campbell has offered his opinion on the matter.

At the Spooky Empire horror convention, Campbell specifically pointed to Scorsese's latest film The Irishman and how it utilized digital effects“To get Robert De Niro to go from nine to 108, that’s a lot of work, that’s a lot of digital work. So he’s kind of full of crap in that respect.”

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The Ash Vs. The Evil Dead star then went on to talk about how all movies are fake in a sense. "Every movie is just as fake as the other one. Nothing is real."

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"Guess what? You’re doing a real story about Erin Brockovich, that’s not even what Erin Brockovich looks like," he continued. "It’s not a real story, even though they say it’s a real story, so nobody gets to play, ‘I am a filmmaker, you make silly Marvel movies!’ No, they’re all bullsh-t. Every single bit of every movie is bullsh-t. Good bullsh-t, lousy bullsh-t, boring bullsh-t, they’re all as fake as you can get."

Many others have come to the defense of Marvel films since Scorsese's initial comments, including James Gunn, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Smith and Karen Gillan.

It's interesting that Campbell is defending superhero films, as the actor recently mentioned he doesn't care much for the genre.

Campbell starred as Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise. He also had cameos in all of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films.

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