Bruce Campbell Throws a Kegger in New 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Image from Season 2

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" kicked off a killer first season last fall, and Starz is gearing up for season two in this new photo.

Courtesy of TV Insider, this new image shows Ash Williams blowing off some steam and enjoying himself at a party in Florida. As a man with a chainsaw for a hand, it's only appropriate that he would be the one to "tap" the keg -- or in this case, buzz the keg. Now that's a neat party trick.

According to "Ash vs. Evil Dead" executive producer Craig DiGregorio, "When you have a chain-saw hand, this is how you tap a keg. Unfortunately for Ash, the party is cut short when he must return home to continue the fight against evil."

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" returns to Starz this fall.

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