Bruce Campbell Takes Over Weather and Traffic Reports on 'Good Day Chicago'

Bruce Campbell is in Chicago this weekend for Wizard World and his own Horror Film Festival. Before heading off to the groovy festivities, however, The Chin got a chance to live out the dream job he never had: Weatherman.

While promoting his con appearance on Fox's "Good Day Chicago," Campbell was invited up to give the weather report, and promptly took over. He even one upped meteorologist Mark Strehl by adding a bit of showmanship to the role, tossing in sound effects and his own trademark wit. Sure, he may have rewritten the map a little bit, but he did it with a style only he possess.

He even hung around to try his hand at the traffic report. It's pretty safe to say that should Campbell ever decide to get out of the Deadite slaying business, he's got another career ready and waiting for him. Or, perhaps not. Decide for yourself by watching below (via UPROXX).

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