Bruce Campbell Hosting, Producing Horror-Based Reality TV Competition

Ready your Boom Sticks and prepare to battle against the Evil Dead -- and your fellow horror fans as Bruce Campbell has teamed with 5x5 Media to create a comedic, horror-based reality TV competition tentatively titled "Bruce Campbell's Horrified." Puns!

As reported by Deadline, along with producing, Campbell will host the series, which sees contests living together in a possibly haunted house and participating in challenges based around different sub-genres of horror, from monsters and zombies to psychology thrillers and sci-fi strangeness. The general idea and set-up takes notes from 5x5 Media's other nerd-focused reality TV series "King of the Nerds."

"From where I'm sitting, this is the first time a reality series has melded competition and comedy with the fun and fear of the horror genre," Campbell told Deadline. "It's a sweet spot I love and to pull it off takes a team of creative, industrious and slightly insane people -- which is, of course, why I wanted to do it!"

Campbell will executive produce the series alongside 5x5 Media's Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk and Charles Wachter. Armstrong also revealed that they hope to bring in celebrities associated with the various horror genres as judges and that the casting process for the show would be similar to that of "King of the Nerds," with the focus on "die-hard, obsessive, funny, bigger than life characters in the horror space."

The show is currently in the process of being shopped to networks.

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