Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

Sometimes, the high adventure of the Marvel Universe makes its way into the realm of courtroom drama. And while Daredevil usually has the ins and outs of criminal prosecution sewn up tight, it's another marquee Marvel character who'll be having his day in court later this year.

Today, the publisher announced that the next arc for Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice's Bucky Barnes-starring "Captain America" would start in October's issue #611 and be called "The Trial of Captain America." "Suffice it to say that with the Heroic Age in full swing, it doesn't look good to have Captain America be revealed as the Winter Soldier," the writer told CBR of the basic hook for the arc, which will play off of the title's current Baron Zemo-centric story. By that tale's end, the identity of the man now behind Captain America's cowl will come to public light, with his past as a Soviet assassin forcing him to face his crimes under penalty of law.

"For the entire time I've been writing 'Cap,' each arc grows organically out of the arcs that have come before," Brubaker said. "Things that appear to be loose ends will come back a few arcs later in another way. So this is all just a natural progression, and this story in particular, is something that was always going to come up - Bucky was an assassin for the Soviets. How can we ignore that forever?"

Though the writer was quick to caution that "The Trial of Captain America" won't all be talking heads and gavel banging. Much like his run with Cap over the years, the ins and outs of who will be prosecuting Bucky both in the courtroom and behind the scenes will necessitate a strong action element to the tale utilizing the breadth of the "Cap" cast. "That is the struggle of this arc as a writer, the fine line I'm trying to balance. If I succeed, this will have both riveting courtroom drama and jailhouse scenes, as well as a good amount of superhero and supervillain action. It's not as if all the heroes and villains are just going to sit around watching the trial or sit on opposite sides in the court, after all. Steve and Falcon and Widow will all be a big part of this story, helping to try and win this case, or working behind the scenes, depending on who they are or what they're doing. This is going to be a really intense arc, and one I've been looking forward to writing since Bucky first put on the Cap outfit."

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