Brubaker & Phillips' Incognito Adaptation Has a New Screenwriter

Optioned by Fox in 2010, the film adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips superhero pulp noir series "Incognito," is still in the works, with the latest development in the project being the addition of new screenwriter Daniel Casey.

Described by The Hollywood Reporter as a "rising scribe," Casey has written the script for an upcoming sci-fi thriller "Kin." He also worked on "10 Cloverfield Lane" before turning his talents towards this latest big screen comic book adaptation.

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Casey replaces the project's original screenwriter Robert Schenkkan, who had reportedly wanted to keep his script as faithful to the source comics as possible.

Originally published as a six-issue miniseries under Marvel Comics' Icon imprint, "Incognito" tells the story of Zack Overkill, a former superpowered villain who testified against his old boss in a criminal trial and was subsequently forced to forego this powers and enter witness protection. As the restrictions of this begin to chafe, Overkill finds a means to get his powers back, and is forced to consider what kind of new life he wants to lead going forward.

Although the project, which has now moved to Sony, has no announced cast, production schedule or release dates, it does have a director attached in the form of Fede Alvarez, the man behind the recent hit crime-thriller "Don't Breathe."

Stay tuned for further developments.

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