Big Hero 6: Brooks Wheelan & Jamie Chung Reveal Their Favorite Villains

A continuation of Disney's Oscar-winning 2014 animated film, Big Hero 6: The Series remains as positive as possible, even when it's dealing with an influx of villains to San Fransokyo. It's actually one of the biggest reasons members of the cast love being on the show.

During an interview with CBR and other media outlets ahead of the continuation of Season 2, Big Hero 6 stars Brooks Wheelan (Fred) and Jamie Chung (Go Go) spoke about their favorite elements of the series, teased future plotlines and reminisced about working with the late Stan Lee.

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Brooks joked that "We take breaks between the seasons and I'm like, I forget how to [voice Fred]," Brooks joked. "I come in and do it, and [the directors] are like, 'That's not what he sounds like!' "My character is consistently snarky and sticks to the one-liners," Chung noted, "so I don't have much to do on the show."

Teasing the direction for the series going forward, Chung said, "What I love about returning for a Season 3, is you get to see some of the villains have their redemption. It really comes full circle, and not just for the heroes... I think we really dive into what makes them villains. It's really great. It's a little bow on how they got lost on their journey, and they're on their way back home."

Brooks agreed, saying, "Yeah, my favorite part of the show is the villains, they're so creative and they flesh them out so well. Everyone has their favorite. Mine is Steamer, just this old-school villain who hates [Fred's] dad. He's just a jealous dude, but he even ends up helping out sometimes. It's just positive."

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"I like Globby," Chung offered. "Globby is just the guy who accidentally became a villain. He has a great redemption story too." To contend with the host of monsters, Brooks said that, in the new season, there will be "a whole new headquarters. It's cool. I haven't seen the full episodes, but I've seen a little about what it looks like."

Brooks shared that a favorite character moment didn't even involve his character. "I do like [Go-Go's] relationship with Honey Lemon," he said, "and how they're roommates and they make each other happy." Chung agreed, saying, "That was a really cute story... it's just so sweet. You get to see the friendships bring out, you always want to hang out friends that make you better people, and I think that theme runs throughout the show, how they're growing together. It's all really positive."

Brooks spoke about one of the most unexpected elements of his time on the show was getting to work alongside Stan Lee. Lee played Fred's father in the show, a former superhero himself. "Yeah, he did one of his last [voiceovers with us]," Brooks revealed. "That was pretty weird. When Stan Lee passed away, there's like an episode where it was weird because I'd never met him but my character was like 'I love you, Dad!' and then [Lee] was like, 'I love you, too.' It's wild. He was probably there doing like 22 different VO's, but I was like, 'This is rad. This is pretty cool.' I didn't know him, but he seemed nice."

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Chung and Brooks did admit they have one element of their performances that they do see completely differently. "I'm a really bad singer, and so is Fred," Brooks admitted with a laugh. "And so [the writers] started writing Fred singing a lot, because I can't do it. I think they think it's funny." Chung said that "they made me sing a song. I didn't sleep for 24 hours, I was really hoping they wouldn't fire me." Brooks revealed the reason it doesn't bother him is that, "I love when they make me sing. Because I'm so bad at it, but it's not me doing it. It's this dumb cartoon guy."

Brooks compared his feelings on singing for animation to his generally positive outlook on the series. "It's cool to work on a show that I feel really positive about it. My nephews are like, 'this is great!' And I like that it's not a show with like a deep massage at the end like Family Matters, our show is just positive and good and funny and nice, without being too overhanded. I love it." For Chung, the importance of the series is more about the fan-reception "I feel like in terms of seeing someone like yourself on screen,  even if it's a cartoon, it means a lot. Especially to a kid. A lot of kids are all like '[Go-Go] is my favorite character, and a lot of them are Asian-American, and it's someone they can look up to. It's sweet."

Returning Tuesday, Sept. 3, on Disney Channel, Big Hero 6 stars Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Brooks Wheelan, Jamie Chung, Khary Payton, Genesis Rodriguez, Maya Rudolph and Alan Tudyk.

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