Brooklynites Aren't Thrilled With Incoming Captain America Statue

Prospect Park-goers aren't too thrilled with the prospect of having Captain America ruining the park's serenity, according to the New York Post.

To honor the 75th anniversary of Captain America, the 13-foot statue (revealed at last month's Comic-Con International in San Diego) is set to be unveiled at Children's Corner, in Prospect Park, on Wednesday. Much to the chagrin of many of the park's patrons who maintain that the space is supposed to remain a "commercial free" zone. According to several residents interviewed by the Post, a one-ton statue of the kid from Brooklyn violates the park's "commercial free-ness" atmosphere.

"Are they going to put a McDonald's here, too, and a Walmart?" Katie Maitland, Prospect Park patron, was quoted as asking rhetorically.

Apparently lost in the controversy is the fact that the First Avenger's stay is meant to be a temporary one. After the two-week layover at Prospect Park, Cap will head to the plaza outside of Barclays Center, where he'll stay through the end of September. Then, the star-spangled hero heads over to Bed, Bath and Beyond, at Sunset Park, until the end of the year. The statue's final display place remains a mystery, however.

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