'Brooklyn Dreams' to be collected in single volume

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BROOKLYN DREAMS, the acclaimed, evocative 4-part tale written by J.M.

DeMatteis (THE SPECTRE, MOONSHADOW) with art by Glenn Barr (SEEKERS INTO THE MYSTERY), comes back to print in its entirety this spring as a single-volume graphic novel.

This classic story of one man's life and the dreams that surround it was originally published in 1995 as part of DC's Paradox Press line, as were ROAD TO PERDITION and A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.

"No project I've worked on in my twenty-plus years in the business means more to me than BROOKLYN DREAMS," says DeMatteis. "I am absolutely delighted - and that's a huge understatement - that it's finally being collected together in one volume."

At the time of its publication, BROOKLYN DREAMS won praise for the variety of drawing styles employed by Barr as well as DeMatteis' poignant tale of Brooklyn-born Carl Santini, who struggles to sort through the pivotal events of his past.

"BROOKLYN DREAMS is one of Paradox Press's buried treasures," says Group Editor Andy Helfer. "It's great to see that seven years later it's getting a chance to reach more readers. It was ahead of its time before; now I really think the time is right for this book."

BROOKLYN DREAMS is a 384-page Paradox Press Compact Format collected

edition suggested for mature readers.

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