'Broken Saints' picked up by Dark Horse, to be made into feature film

Official Press Release

Vancouver, BC - Award-winning online saga "Broken Saints" has caught the attention of the world's leading publisher of licensed comics. Brooke Burgess and the creators of this innovative online anime series have just signed a multi-year deal with Dark Horse Entertainment to develop Broken Saints on multiple fronts - including a live-action feature film.

Dark Horse Entertainment wants Broken Saints to be one of their next studio collaborations, following Revolution Studios supernatural adventure "Hellboy", and New Line's "Son of the Mask" (The sequel to the $100 million Jim Carrey comedy smash). A Dark Horse comic version of Broken Saints will be available by the end of the year, either in monthly release or as a graphic novel collection.

Burgess' Budget Monks Productions - thanks to a grant from Telefilm Canada - will also be producing a DVD collection of the series featuring upgraded art, voice narration and 5.1 Surround. Future incarnations include high-end collectibles and the design and early demo for a next-generation videogame console title.

Dark Horse Entertainment is famous for creator-owned properties such as Concrete and Hellboy, and movie-to-comic franchises including Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien vs. Predator and most recently, Shrek. Publishing some of the most popular and groundbreaking comics ever to hit the market, Dark Horse has become one of the largest comic-book publishers in the U.S. and is recognized as the world's leading publisher of licensed comic material.

Launched in January 2001, Broken Saints is the first fully released graphic novel on the web. Three years and 3 million visitors later, the Broken Saints series has received international recognition and accolades. Among its' numerous awards are the 2003 Sundance Film Festival Audience Choice Award, 2003 Netfestival Brazil People's Choice Award and 2002 Flashforward Winner for Best Cartoon and People's Choice. Broken Saints has been seen by over 3 million worldwide - was showcased in over 100 mainstream press stories and features including Wired Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today - and continues to grow in popularity.

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