Broken Hearts, Bloody Revenge: Chaos! unveils Heartbreakers event for Valentine's Day

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - Cupid gives love, and Chaos! taketh away! Another year, another Valentine's Day event brews at Chaos! This time it's "Heartbreakers!" What is Heartbreakers? Heartbreakers, is a company wide theme Chaos! is publishing, yet another dark twist on the whole Valentine's Day holiday. Heartbreakers will consist of three savage tales of psychotic romance - Chaos! style - that all stay within the continuity of the current storylines! There will be stories for Lady Death, Chastity, and Purgatori. Chaos! regards Heartbreakers as its own fiendish tales of love, with the supernatural feel and crazy thrills that only Chaos! can deliver.

Heartbreakers offers dark, bitter sweet twists on love, and fans will want to grab these issues to see if the ladies of Chaos! will strike any passion or break any hearts along the way. So what happens? First up, Lady Death gets stung by SORE - the Cherub of Hate. Every black arrow sparks little resentment, petty jealousies, and minor greivances you feel to infernoes of murderous hate. So drastic outcomes occur when one of the arrows hits Lady Death? Wait until you see! Lady Death: Heartbreaker #1 is written by John Ostrander and penciled by Romano Molenaar.

For Chastity, there's not going to be a whole lot of love in the air. Chastity is acting in an off-Broadway revival of "Aspects of Love" when a fellow cast member drags her into a horrible web of murder and mysticism that brings her face to face once more with the mysterious MidKnight! The twisted serial killer known as Heartbreaker is in town, so keep the romance behind closed doors. Cupid gives love...and SHE takes it away. Chastity: Heartbreaker #1 is written by Tom Sniegoski and Christopher Golden, and is penciled by Ron Adrian (Darkchyld).

For Purgatori, a kink in her plans leads Sakkara to the Spanish island Ibiza, the party capital of the world. There a number of number of nasty surprises await her, featuring a sadistic drug lord, a revolting, bloodthirsty demon -- and a bizarre discovery concerning the very nature of her being. It's hot blondes, shootouts, and mortal terror as Dan Jolley (writer of "Obergeist") brings you "Salt in the Wound," a Purgatori Valentine's Day special. Purgatori: Heartbreaker #1 is written by Dan Jolley and penciled by Cory Hamscher.

Lady Death: Heartbreaker #1 will be in stores February 6th. Chastity: Heartbreaker #1 and Purgatori: Heartbreaker #1 will be in stores February 13th. Each comic is full color, 32 pages and retails for $2.99. They're also available in heart themed premium editions by Scott Lewis as well as limited painted super-premiums.

For more information on Chaos!, please visit the official website at www.chaoscomics.com.

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