<i>Brokeback</i> Writers Return To The West For Two New Movies

Call it the True Grit effect. With excitement surrounding the upcoming release of the Coen Brothers' remake Western, the genre seems to be alive again, with Brokeback Mountain writers Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana lined up to write not one, but two, new movies set in the Ol' West.

Deadline reports that the duo are already signed to adapt Paulette Jules' novel The Color of Lightning for director Ridley Scott at 20th Century Fox, and are also in talks to bring SC Gwynne's book Empire of The Summer Moon to the big screen for Warner Bros and producer Ridley Scott (Yes, Scott seems to be enjoying his westerns these days, as well). Both stories focus on the Western tradition of cowboys versus indians, with Lightning following a freed slave out for revenge when his family are killed by attacking native Americans, while Empire tells things from the other side, focusing on one Comanche warrior who was so strong, it required the formation of the Texas Rangers to take him down.

It's still unknown if either movie will be retrofitted with extra-terrestrials, should Jon Favreau's Cowboys Vs. Aliens do big business this summer.

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