British anthology 'Nucomix' relaunches later this month, preview

Official Press Release

British publisher Swan Graphics are delighted to announce the return of their monthly anthology title NUCOMIX with the publication of its fifteenth issue on Friday January 30th 2004. The relaunch issue offers the usual mix of six comic strips, wrapped up in a full-colour cover and including additional editorial content.

NUCOMIX is an anthology comic where literally anything goes: containing a mix of horror, science-fiction, fantasy, superheroes and real life situations, this acclaimed series is heading into 2004 with its strongest line-up of material and contributors to date, which includes:

ECCENTRIX written by Rik Hoskin (X-Men, Disney) and illustrated by Miguel Montenegro and Robert Blancas (Miranda, TriKlops, SpookShow).

SLAY HUNTER written by Simon Bowland and illustrated by Thomas Crielly and Simon Ecob (Bulletproof)

BRIN written and illustrated by Tim Brown (Talamander)

JUNIPER CRESCENT written and illustrated by Steve Ince

"I've seen many a promising comic series let down by poor production values or an unreliable publishing schedule," says editor/publisher Simon Bowland, "What we're trying to do with NUCOMIX is maintain a high level of quality in an attractively packaged, monthly comic book. This relaunch issue is a great place for new readers to hop on board, because we're introducing some new strips and starting brand new storylines in our existing ones."

"There are too many comics being published today which can leave the reader feeling a little empty by the time the final page rolls around," added Bowland, "but we're striving to utilise strong, well-written scripts as well as some really great artwork. The result is hopefully a satisfying read which is, at the same time, visually appealing."

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