Bring The Villains Home With These Metal Posters From Displate!

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We spend a lot of time celebrating our favorite heroes from comics, film and anime here on CBR, so we felt it was more than fair to give some of our favorite villains their time in the spotlight as well, so we've selected a few great metal art prints from Displate that are 20% until the end of year for CBR fans!


We're pretty big fans of My Hero Academia, and while we love the heroic class and the various characters striving to become superheroes, the show is also full of interesting villains and up-and-coming baddies, and this poster captures a few of them during some downtime.

Fans of Hellsing know that Alucard isn't exactly a villain, but he isn't exactly a hero either. Regardless, this exclusive Displate artwork features the dynamic character in this colorful print that shows off "The Ultimate Vampire" with surprisingly little blood and gore.


Of course, when looking at villains of the DC Universe there is one character who stands out above the rest due to his dark and twisted villainy, and that is the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. This metal print features artwork from Greg Capullo that was released during his and Scott Snyder's Endgame run and is one of the creepiest images of the Joker we've ever seen.

You can't get too far into Marvel's current comic climate without encountering a symbiote or the former villain turned anti-hero himself, Venom. Eddie Brock and his Other are reaching new levels of popularity, and this print of the Lethal Protector is a great way to celebrate one of Marvel's biggest anti-heroes.


Our favorite villains of the movies are often found dealing with the raging battle inside of themselves between good and evil, and this "True God" minimalist print of Loki's iconic helmet showcases that battle perfectly while still maintaining the art style that has become so popular in recent years.

As fans get ready for the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we are still unsure of the series' new villain Kylo Ren's true motivations and whether or not he is the biggest bad in the Star Wars universe. Regardless of his revealed loyalties in the upcoming film, this amazing metal poster still highlights the Dark Side of the character perfectly.

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