Bring the Thunder

Story by
Art by
Wilson Tortosa
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Bring the Thunder is the story of Wayne Russell, an elite pararescue jumper in the Air Force serving in Afghanistan. He leads the most rigorously trained troops on the most dangerous missions into enemy territory. During a deadly mission, Wayne's team is ambushed. Mortally wounded, Wayne finds and fires an experimental weapon. The result will change Wayne and warfare forever. Follow Wayne as he unravels the mystery of his new powers, and how trouble brews in Afghanistan when a man with similar powers emerges. Bring the Thunder is brought to you by Alex Ross (Kirby: Genesis), Jai Nitz (Silver Star), and Wilson Tortosa (Wolverine).

Collection Features:

• The complete mini-series by Jai Nitz (Silver Star), Wilson Tortosa (Wolverine) and Alex Ross (Marvels)

• All of the covers by Alex Ross and Wilson Tortosa

• Sketches and designs by Alex Ross, Wilson Tortosa and Tony Akins (Fables)

• Introduction by Robert Teitel (producer of Faster)

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