Brighten up your comics storage with printed art boxes

Making plain ol' white cardboard short boxes a thing of the past, BCW Supplies has introduced a new line featuring licensed comics art.

The series debuts with colorful art by Terry and Rachel Dodson from Dark Horse's Ghost, printed on a cardboard storage box that can hold anywhere from 150 to 175 comics (depending upon whether they're bagged and boarded).

Although the Ghost box is the first in BCW's licensed art series, it was preceded by "POW!," a storage box featuring bright comic-book colors, sound effects and word and thought balloons. (If you're not a fan of the traditional corrugated cardboard boxes, the company also sells corrugated plastic versions, in white and black.)

The Ghost boxes are $12.15 each, with retail quantity discounts offered.

(via ICv2.com)


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