Netflix’s Bright Snares 11 Million Viewers Over Opening Weekend

Netflix's first major feature may have been a bomb among critics, but Bright still managed to pull in 11 million viewers over its first three days.

Bright has been called the worst film of the year, and has led to plenty of conversations surrounding the film's confusing politics. However, despite the harsh feedback, Netflix was quick to order a sequel. Now, courtesy of Variety and Nielsen, we have a better understanding of why the streaming giant opted to order the follow-up so quickly. Apparently, Bright pulled in approximately 11 million viewers over the course of its first three days.

The film pulled in 7 million U.S. viewers in the 18-49 demographic on connected TVs over those three days. While those numbers may seem high, it's important to remember these are merely estimates, as Netflix does not officially release viewership numbers. Had the film been released in theaters, it could have hit $100 million on its opening weekend. Netflix's service is arguably cheaper than purchasing multiple tickets, though, making it difficult to compare the two.

Still, that would put Bright's debut lower than that of Stranger Things Season 2, which averaged around 15.8 million viewers back in October, but ahead of The Crown Season 2 -- that show's first episode pulled in approximately 3 million viewers stateside. For a blockbuster that cost a reported $100 million to make, Bright's estimated viewership numbers are less than ideal.

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Given the criticism surrounding Suicide Squad director David Ayer's latest, those numbers are also unsurprising. Interestingly enough, the film currently has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics but, a 89% audience rating, suggesting a massive divide between critics and fans. Perhaps that could help the film in the coming weeks as it seeks to overcome a harsh opening weekend.

Directed by David Ayer from a script by Max Landis and starring Will Smith, Bright is now streaming on Netflix.

(via Variety)

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