Briggs Land #1

Story by
Art by
Mack Chater
Colors by
Lee Loughridge
Letters by
Nate Piekos
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

Briggs Land, nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness, contains the largest antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States. When matriarch Grace Briggs wrests control of the operation from her incarcerated husband, she sparks a war within the community-and her immediate family-that threatens to bring the full power of the federal government down on their heads.

Brian Wood provided CBR exclusively with the following statement about the upcoming series:

BRIGGS LAND is the story of the nation's largest and most secretive antigovernment movement. A hundred square miles of rural terrain, founded and managed by the Briggs Family, who's political ideologies have been slowly corrupted over the years and now fully embrace gun-running, drug smuggling, money laundering, and a half-dozen other RICO predicates. If you think of The Sopranos set in militia culture, you get an idea of the family drama that is BRIGGS LAND. But that just scratches the surface.

This series is the next big project in my progression of socio-political comics that started with Channel Zero and include DMZ, The Massive, and Rebels.

It's a story of an organized crime family, but one you've never seen before.

It's the story of a mother coming to grips with the fact that her family is falling apart right in front of her eyes.

It's a series about how the individual rights of average people are placed at the mercy of corporate interests, political corruption, and human greed.

It's a story of post-9/11 religious extremism, lone wolves, hate crimes, and post traumatic stress disorder.

It's about the beauty of nature, the preservation of life lived out of the hustle and bustle of mainstream society, and the balance of nature and society and our role in preserving that balance.

And, it's about guns. It's also about America, and those two are one and the same.

This series, which is rounded out by the killer team of Mack Chater, Lee Loughridge, Tula Lotay, and Nate Piekos, launches August 17th.

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