Brief Thoughts On Comics I Bought This Week (And A Couple From Last Week)

I'm gonna give this whole brevity thing a shot, especially since I bought more comics than usual this week. If I had kids, I'd be totally burning through their college funds!

Agents of Atlas #3- Good moment with Namora's mourning; as good as Parker is at the lighthearted stuff, I think his range as a writer is underrated. Looking forward to seeing what he does with Bucky next issue; it's a nice touch to have superheroes go after them, given the team's status as a criminal empire.

Amazing Spider-Man #590- This was exactly as fun as you'd expect a Dan Slott written Spidey/FF team up to be. Too bad all the secret identity stuff has been undercut by Bendis in New Avengers recently, but I still like the way Slott's handling it (especially Johnny's spectacularly immature reaction).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #24- Solid, Faith based issue; I'd love to see a Faith and Giles spin-off if they survive this season. They're finally getting around to running letters about Buffy's bi-curiousity, but I didn't read most of them, because none of them are going to realisitically top Burgas's reaction, so why bother? By the way, if Dollhouse is just a way to fund Whedon's research in to the existence of women experimenting in lesbianism to placate Burgas, it will be totally worth it, even if I'm still not that in to the show.

Daredevil #117- I love that Turk is still showing up so many years after Miller's run. That's pretty much my only thought on this issue; oh man, it's Turk! I'm not sure I'm gonna keep up with this arc in singles, unless Oswalt and Posehn wind up being integral to the plot, but I'm more interested in getting Bru's DD in trades than I was before.

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2- Any week with two Hickman comics is a good one for me. That said, a medievil version of Civil War is pushing the line between awesome and awesomely stupid. I think Ben Grimm with a monocle pushes it toward the former, but I'll have to crunch some numbers on that. Reed's characterization (especially the conclusion he comes to about where Superhuman Registration went wrong) is interesting. Next issue, the FF are pirates, so Hickman's just blatantly pandering to Mark Andrew there. I have no problem with that, I just had to mention it.

Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil #3- Marvel Adventures: Super Villain Team Up continues to be a fun, if not spectacular, comic. It's great that Tobin can still write Doom as a bastard in an all ages book and I also like Princess Python as a point of view character. This is the first time I've dug Patrick Scherberger's art (although maybe his splitting pencils with Esdras Cristobal helped). All that said, this has the best recap page in the history of ever, so you should buy it just for that.

Empowered Vol. 1- I've never actually seen Adam Warren's artwork in black and white before, other than his strips in the back of PSM. So, that's interesting. I've only read a handful of strips so far, but I'm not sure how sold I am on it. I'll get back to you on that. It feels like it could get old quick if Warren doesn't change things up. But it's still better than Iron Man: Hypervelocity already, so that's nice. That damn thing gave me a headache.

Immortal Iron Fist #24- A pacifist Iron Fist? That is the exact kind of idea that makes this series so rad, and makes me glad I didn't bail on it like I was thinking of doing. Even if this winds up getting cancelled soon, I hope they still publish the occasional one shot based on the generational Iron Fist concept.

Incredible Hercules #127- I don't really give a crap what Bendis is doing with him, but it amazes me how fun Norman Osborn can be in the hands of writers like Van Lente, Pak, and Parker. His appearances in Herc and Agents of Atlas have been hilarious (I loved how he flipped out on Hera in this issue). I also loved his last line. So, he's one up on Iron Man as a tin plated benevolent dictator right there; I never laughed when he showed up to be a dick to superheroes in their books.

Killer of Demons #2- I have to give Yost and Wegener credit here; they have some serious balls to kill off the Brittney Spears inspired satanic stripper school girl assassain in one appearance. With some tweaking, you could make a frachise out of that character design alone. Two issues down this remains a fun comic and, depending on where the last issue goes, I'd love to see more of this series.

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #1- Much like New Love and Rockets, I didn't believe this comic was realy until I got it in my hands. It's a weird issue, befitting the concept; there's something very sinister going on in Seaguy's idyllic world. One thing I have to say; I actually felt bad about the final fate of SG's replacement sidekick.

Secret Warriors #3- Hickman's still hitting the Fury scenes out of the park. I'm still don't care that much about the Bastard Young Avengers, even when they're losing limbs. I loved Nick's date with the Contessa and Dum Dum's cameo, though, and the rest is good enough that this is still becoming one of my favorite monthlies.

Umbrella Academy: Dallas #5- Who would have thought sending half the team to Vietnam would make for the best issue of this volume so far? After a couple of issues that I liked, I'm loving this book again.

So yeah, that was my idea of brevity. Thank you for humoring me, if you did.

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