Marvel Just Officially Made Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Comic Book Canon


WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1, on sale May 30.

As the Infinity Countdown event unfolds, the location of more and more Infinity Stones stand revealed. But before the series even began, we already knew that the Reality Stone was in another reality entirely, one where up was down and good was bad. Carol Danvers found herself transported to this inverted universe by accident, and as she faced an evil version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, she came into possession of the red cosmic gem.

In the preview of the upcoming Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 comic, we see Carol starting to learn to use the powers of the Reality Stone. With it in her grasp, she has access to the entire Marvel Multiverse, an infinite amount of worlds populated by infinite alternate versions of herself. When she asks her alternate selves for advice on how to defeat Blastaar, a myriad of other versions of Captain Marvel -- all in possession of the Reality Stone -- answer her.

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Infinity Countdown Captain Marvel Brie Larson

There are many recognizable versions of Captain Marvel in the two-page spread, from fan-favorite iterations as well as new takes on the character, and they all have advice to offer. It just so happens that one of those versions of Captain Marvel is based on actress Brie Larson, who will star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel in March 2019.

Set pictures of the film's shoot recently surfaced online, revealing Larson in a Captain Marvel outfit that resembles the one from the comics, albeit with a different color scheme; instead of the more recognized red, blue and gold, Larson's outfit is mainly navy blue and green, a nod to Kree soldiers' uniforms, and Danvers' history with the alien race. It's this very costume that can be seen in the comic book. What's more, it's clear that this version of Danvers is drawn to look like the actress.

Though it's as brief an appearance as you could imagine, it's confirmation the MCU version of Captain Marvel is now comic book canon -- even if she is in another reality entirely.

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Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 hits shelves Wednesday, May 30. As for the live-action film, Larson's Captain Marvel will blast into theaters on March 8, 2019.

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