Brian Wood and Steve Pugh take on 'Vampirella/Witchblade' in June

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This June, Harris Comics and Top Cow are happy to showoff their main characters in a special one-shot s event, as Vampirella meets Witchblade, and Magdelena meets Vampirella.

In the Harris Comics tale, VAMPIRELLA/WITCHBLADE, red-hot writer Brian Wood (Channel Zero, Fight for Tomorrow) and stylish artist Steve Pugh (Saint of Killers, 20/20 Visions) take Sara Pezzini and Vampirella on wild ride through the snowy streets of Brooklyn, New York in a noirish adventure that'll shake up fans of both characters.

"This is really something else," Harris editor Maureen McTigue said. "Brian, being well-known for his thought-provoking original work, would seem like an odd choice for this project, but sometimes you just have to go for the option no one would think of. His take is great and I know I can't wait to see how it all turns out."

"I speak out against the evils of work-for-hire so often, most editors seem reluctant to offer me work on their characters, or they just don't bother asking me," Wood said, "I was so impressed with the honest and straight-forward way Maureen approached me, I couldn't help but reply."

And the writer's positive reply opened the door to grabbing the artist.

"I worked with Steve Pugh for a year back on Generation X," Wood noted, "and since then I've been waiting for our schedules to align so we could work on something again. I know him well and can write to his strengths, so the art on this is gonna be great, I'm sure.

"I completely trust Brian as a writer," Pugh said. "He's able to bring real complexity and emotion to these iconic characters without sidelining any of their power or impact. These are two, great, female characters that I figured I'd never have the opportunity to draw in anger, and here I am getting to mix them up in the same book!"

"Steve has such amazing ability," McTigue said, "and I think everyone will be drooling over with his lush work on this project. Man, what a trip!"

"I think the fact that this book is so different from the stuff I usually do ensures that readers will get something fun and interesting, and unexpected," Wood stated.

VAMPIRELLA/WITCHBLADE will be out this June with a $2.99 cover price.Covers by Pugh, Amanda Conner and Mark Texiera will be available.

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