Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson to reteam for <i>The Massive</i>

DMZ and Northlanders writer Brian Wood has confirmed he'll reunite with Supermarket collaborator Kristian Donaldson for his next project The Massive.

Following up on an item that appeared Sunday on Bleeding Cool, Wood posted the above image with a quote from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: "The globe began with sea ... who knows if it will not end with it?"

"Consider this a proof-of-concept type thing and NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT," he wrote this morning on his blog. "It’s just: here’s the title, here’s the artist, here’s an image.  The real news will come in the next few months." Although Wood didn't say what publisher will release The Massive, his not-an-announcement comes only days after he revealed his exclusive agreement has lapsed with DC Comics.

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