Brian Pulido writes 'The Undead #1' for Chaos!'s new imprint, Black Label Graphics

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - Brian Pulido returns to comics in powerful fashion with his newest creation, The Undead, published by his new mature readers imprint Black Label Graphics for Chaos! Comics! The Undead is a hard-core comic, with a pure terrifying tale that isn't for the squeamish. Black Label Graphics is an imprint Chaos! will use to present hard-core comics to the masses. The art will be what it is - detailed and horrific - and isn't for the faint at heart! Chaos! is giving the fans what they've demanded, and Brian Pulido's The Undead #1 will satisfy that craving. The Undead features Homicide (a.k.a. Dead King) making his triumphant return!

So what's The Undead about you ask? It will be mind-blowing! Imagine our world a decade after global zombie infestation - a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sound good yet? It's an entirely new civilization filled with bizarre rituals and customs, where humanity is viewed as a meal and little more. A band of living refugees are captured by hostile zombie Apache scavengers and sold to a meat processing plant controlled by the corporate zombies. Enter The Undead, a lone mysterious anti-hero who has turned away from a life of violence. To save the living, he must renounce his redemption. Will he? Better yet, can he?

Brian Pulido takes the zombie genre in shocking, uncharted directions. The Undead #1 features artwork by talented newcomer Brian Denham, whose detailed illustrations is sure to garner many fans. Recommended for mature readers with over 40 pages of story and art, The Undead #1 is a not to be missed shocker, no questions asked!

The Undead #1 is a black and white comic and retails for $4.99. It's available in a Western themed painted premium cover by the talented David Michael Beck and Brad Parker illustrates a super premium cover that's so gruesome, it's something you have to see to believe!

For more information on Chaos!, please visit the official website at www.chaoscomics.com.

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