Brian Pulido Raises Hell at Avatar with "Belladonna"

Official Press Release

The creator of Lady Death and the rest of the Chaos! cosmos, Brian Pulido, brings his inimitable brand of dark mayhem to Avatar Press with several new titles in 2004. Readers will get their first taste of the terror with the Brian Pulido's Belladonna Preview in June and in the FCBD preview, Back in Black: Brian Pulido Unleashed at Avatar Press, to be released on Free Comic Book Day, July 3.

"I designed these books to appeal to the Chaos! fans and current Lady Death fans alike," says Pulido. "After Chaos! imploded I never intended to write comics other than Lady Death. Then Avatar publisher William Christensen lured me back to the darkside offering me complete me creative freedom. He wanted and encouraged my over-the-top sensibilities."

"Belladonna will appeal to fans of CGE'S Lady Death and to fans of the old-school Lady Death. It takes place in Wexford Ireland in 951 AD. On Colleen MacGrath's wedding night, which will unite two powerful Irish families, they are all slaughtered by Viking hordes. Now a year later, the spirit of the Celtic goddess Morrigan possesses Colleen and she wants vengeance!

"UnHoly is set in modern day Detroit. It's about a rebel teen named Penny who is a non-believer. After a fatal accident she's "drafted" by God to be His assassin. As a fallen angel she is caught in a shadow war waged on city streets, in plain clothes, between Heaven and Hell.

"Gypsy is a bit of an enigma. This story has that crazed Chaos! flavor, but for the moment we want to keep the details under wraps. Suffice to say it is a period piece that deals with the prejudice leveled against the gypsies of Europe in a dark, supernatural way.

"Avatar asked me to bring my own brand of mayhem to the table," Pulido adds. "I checked out their roster of talent. Alan Moore. Warren Ellis. Mark Millar. Garth Ennis. I am amazed. William is doing an extraordinary job of taking care of these guys and publishing innovative material. It seems like a match made in hell. Avatar is the publisher to watch in 2004/2005. I'm surprised Wizard doesn't cover them rabidly. I guess they just haven¹t caught on yet like the readers have."

"I plan to stick with these characters for the long haul," concludes Pulido. "I want to see how they develop, where they take me. Each one speaks to a different faucet of my personality and I'm happy I get to express this stuff through them."

The first of this group of Pulido created and written books to launch will be the full-color Belladonna series, with art by Clint Hilinski. The UnHoly with art by Di Amorim and Gypsy with art by Paulo Siqueira will follow shortly thereafter.

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