Brian Michael Bendis Clears Up Young Justice Cancellation Concerns

After DC released its September 2019 solicitations on Friday, eagle-eyed fans noticed one of the publisher's most popular titles was missing -- the Wonder Comics headliner, Young Justice. Of course, when a comic is missing from the monthly solicitation schedule, fans immediately begin to speculate that means the title is being canceled.

When a fan asked writer Brian Michael Bendis if Young Justice was taking the month off, the Wonder Comics curator revealed its absence was nothing more than an error in paperwork.

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"Seems like it was a paperwork snafu at the home office," Bendis replied. "Young justice is ongoing and will be in stores with all the other #DCWondercomics I’ll be posting some preview Art next week. It’s too shocking to show today after the Legion announcement :)"

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Breathe easy Young Justice loyalists -- you can still count on your favorite series gracing your local comic book stores and digital shops when September rolls around. Also, as a way to apologize for the snafu at the home office, Bendis will be releasing new preview art for issue #9.

After spending some time in Gemworld, Young Justice is currently lost in DC's Multiverse, hoping to find a way back to Earth. We know the teen superheroes will journey to the Kingdom Come universe, along with a showdown against their evil look-alikes, who are most likely their version of the Justice League's Crime Syndicate.

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Young Justice #7 goes on sale July 10.

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