Brian Michael Bendis is Doing his DC Comics Homework


After making the move from Marvel to DC Comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis is taking the time to revisit a few DC classics.

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The news that Bendis would be leaving Marvel Comics after nearly 18 years for a "multifaceted, multilayered" exclusive contract at DC Comics hit earlier this week, leaving many shocked and surprised. Readers were not only left to question what this meant for his current books at Marvel -- including the current Jessica Jones series -- but also what projects he'd be tackling for DC. Bendis thus far has been quiet on that end, with his only comment being that news would be coming soon. However, while it appears we may have to wait for news on his potential new projects, Bendis took to Twitter recently to show which DC Comics classics he's reading ahead of his new gig.

Titles included in his stack? The Justice League International Omnibus, Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus, and Gotham Central Omnibus, just to name a few. Think that's a lot? In a follow-up tweet, he clarifies that's one of six current piles of books.

While it'd be easy to assume the stack of books he's currently reading -- and in some instances re-reading -- may serve as some sort of a tease of what's to come, it's still unknown just what titles Bendis will be tackling for DC Comics.

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Bendis currently writes Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Defenders for Marvel. There’s no word yet as to when his tenure on those titles will end, or when his DC-exclusive agreement will begin.

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