Bendis Teases Legion of Super-Heroes for DC Imprint Wonder Comics


Writer Brian Michael Bendis continued his cryptic teasing of fans this week about his 2019 plans, more directly hinted at a new Legion of Super-Heroes series from his curated DC imprint, Wonder Comics.

Using the hashtag #wondercomics, Bendis tweeted panels from 1995's Legionnaires #31 that depicts Superboy (Kon-El/Conner Kent) being offered a Legion flight ring, and honorary membership in the team of 30th-century heroes. The writer's accompanying caption read, "Just need to leave this here for a second."

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Bendis previously hinted at The Legion of Super-Heroes, among other projects, in a series of images he shared on Instagram -- part of his tradition of 10-image abstract teases -- which included a shot of an abandoned Superman costume. The image came from Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29. Speculation was that it hinted at Legion members Wildfire and Polar Boy, as well as Legion flight rings.

Wonder Comics is an imprint set in DC continuity focused on the teen market. David Walker, Jamal Campbell, writer Mark Russell, artist Stephen Byrne, Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones are announced to collaborate with Bendis on such familiar DC properties as Young Justice, which debuted this week, The Wonder Twins and Dial H for Hero. The imprint is also home to the new title Naomi.

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