Bendis Teases Possible Legion of Super-Heroes Announcement This Week


Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis joined DC by launching a new era for the Man of Steel, and while the scribe has been busy spearheading both Action Comics and Superman, it appears he may take things further with a new project involving another important aspect of Superman mythology: The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Over the weekend, Bendis started several images featuring the fan-favorite super-team from the 31st century on social media. Fans and followers once again began to wonder if the writer would next tackle a Legion of Super-Heroes revival series, something he's hinted at in the past.

Bendis responded with at least a partial answer. "I know some of you aren’t used to this level of teasing," the writer tweeted, "but wait till tomorrow, I mean in a few hours :), when the #DCMillenium hashtag starts popping up #waitwhat?"

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The next day, Bendis shared a new image of DC's OMAC by artist Jim Cheung along with the #DCMillenium hashtag, hinting that both the Legion and OMAC may be involved in this mysterious new project.

The post didn't hold any other information, save for a date, June 13, indicating answers to the secretive new project should arrive by this Thursday.

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Bendis' next book, Event Leviathan #1, illustrated by Alex Maleev, will hit comic store shelves Wednesday, June 12.

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