Bendis Asked Kelly Thompson to Take Over Jessica Jones Before He Left Marvel

DC Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed today that he asked fellow writer Kelly Thompson to take over penning Jessica Jones before he left Marvel Comics. Bendis explained how the changing of the guard went down this Thursday via Twitter.

Bendis announced he was leaving Marvel and signing an exclusivity deal with DC in November 2017. At the time, one of the biggest concerns among fans was who would step in to helm the series and characters Bendis had created during his tenure at Marvel.

According to Bendis’ tweet today, the writer decided to ask Thompson if she wanted to helm Jessica Jones even before he was certain he was leaving Marvel. That’s some impressive forethought, considering Thompson’s Jessica Jones run was only just revealed yesterday as part of an ongoing series.

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Thompson’s Jessica Jones is the latest comic in the Marvel Digital Originals initiative. Jessica Jones #1 is currently available on comiXology. The issue is double-sized and sees the titular hero confronted with some ghosts from her past. One thing leads to another and suddenly one of Jessica’s former clients winds up dead and the superhero-turned-investigator becomes the prime suspect in the crime.

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