Brian Michael Bendis interviews David Mamet -- comics writer

Somehow it's largely escaped notice that David Mamet has released a comic book.

Yes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning, Tony- and Oscar-nominated playwright and screenwriter responsible for such works as Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed-the-Plow, Wag the Dog and more. That David Mamet. But don't worry, Brian Michael Bendis is way ahead of us!

"Just talked to David Mamet for a half hour," the avowed Mamet fan tweeted this morning. "Yeah? And I only half embarrassed myself. You'll see it on @cbr soon. He made a comic book! [...] My Mamet interview was not exactly The Chris Farley Show but it was pretty close! Fun fact -- he just directed something for Funny or Die"

Released last month by Chicago-area independent publisher Sourcebooks, Mamet's The Trials of Roderick Spode ("The Human Ant") is a 32-page hardcover described as "a clever and postmodern take on the world of superheroes and ordinary life." It chronicles the bizarre adventures of Roderick Spode, an ordinary man who confuses a photo booth with a device that doles out special powers, transforming him into an ant half the time: "Follow Roderick as he hangs out with his friend Cocky Cockroach, freelances as a comma, and fights his nemesis: the European Sourdough Rye!"

Bendis' interview with Mamet will appear next week at Comic Book Resources.

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