Brian Michael Bendis Recovering After Brush With Death


On Monday, Dec. 4, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis was hospitalized for a staph infection and nearly died. After his release, Bendis revealed that were it not for his wife's quick actions, a "surprise MRSA infection" could have ended his life.

"1 week ago I woke up in intensive care because of a surprise MRSA infection that grabbed & blinded me for 4 days," the writer wrote on " target="_blank">Twitter. "[I]t'll take months to recover. i wasn't even going to share it was so bad."

Bendis recently shocked the comic book industry when he signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics. As a result of his illness, at least some of his final work for Marvel will likely be delayed, as well as his initial projects for DC Comics. In his tweets, Bendis made it clear that both publishers have "agreed to let me do my work when I can."

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Crediting his recent weight loss and change to a healthier diet for helping to save his life, Bendis also thanked his friends for helping him through the rough patch. The writer said his longtime friend Matt Fraction "didn't leave my bedside for two days."

"I'm on the mend," Bendis concluded, saying that seeing the debut of the first trailer for the Miles Morales-led Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse and the teaser for Jessica Jones Season 2 helped buoy his spirits further. "I'm here and I get better every day."

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