Brian Michael Bendis Confirms Wonder Comics Season 2 Titles

A little more than a month since its launch, and DC's new imprint Wonder Comics is already planning its second wave of new comic titles.

While hosting an AMA on Reddit, Brian Michael Bendis, who curates the imprint, and writes Young Justice and co-writes Naomi, confirmed two upcoming titles. The two mentioned by the writer included a new series focused on the fantasy character Amethyst, and a second volume of Naomi to debut sometime after June's sixth issue, opting for a miniseries-style format.

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"Issue six wraps the first Naomi run," Bendis wrote. "We're going to do it Hellboy style because Jamal [Campbell, the artist] needs to take a break! David [Walker, co-writer] and I will be building the next part, but by issue four of this series you will see EXACTLY how different. Naomi 2 joins Amethyst as a previously announced Wonder Comics Season 2 book!"

Bendis had previously announced an Amethyst series in the works with an unrevealed female creator last month as part of the Wonder Comics imprint. In the meantime, the character will play a pivotal role in April's Young Justice #4 in a sequence illustrated by John Timms (Harley Quinn).

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Naomi #2 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and illustrated by Jamal Campbell. It goes on sale today from DC.

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