Brian K. Vaughan To Write "Midnighter" #7

Brian K. Vaughan announced on his official site last month that he would be writing an upcoming issue of Wildstorm's"Midnighter" series, and reminded fans again this morning in his weekly MySpace bulletin. " I love Garth's new book ['Midnighter'] so much, I'm tackling its upcoming seventh issue with Darick Robertson!"

CBR News spoke with Wildstorm Executive Editor Scott Dunbier about the special issue. "It's a fun one-off.   It's an all action story, but it's not just action for the sake of action.   It delves into an area of Midnighter's powers that's never really been explored before.   Midnighter's ability to anticipate different things is taken to a new level in this story."

Robertson has already turned in fifteen pages of art, which is being inked by Karl Story, whose involvement will allow Robertson to continue his work on Garth Ennis' other WildStorm series, "The Boys" without causing delays.

"It really is a unique take on the character and Brian really pulls it off very, very well," Dunbier said.

On how exactly Dunbier was able to recruit Vaughan for this project, the editor proclaimed, "I tracked him down. I stalked him!   Because Brian's one of the best writers in comics."

However, Vaughan himself offers a slightly different explanation on his official site. "During our recent disastrous shark-diving outing, Mr. Ennis preyed on my sea-dementia and tricked me into writing one issue of his excellent series, under the condition that I'd get to steal Darick Robertson , who I've wanted to collaborate with for years."

It would seem that like the Midnighter himself, the production of his series is enveloped in both mystery and trickery.

"Midnighter" #7 ships this May from WildStorm Productions and DC Comics.


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