Brian K. Vaughan Announces "Walking Dead" Story for Panel Syndicate at Image Expo

Brian K. Vaughan, known for his critically acclaimed "Saga" Image Comics series with Fiona Staples, revealed at Image Expo 2015 that he -- along with artist Marcos Martin -- would collaborate on a "Walking Dead" story to premiere on Panel Syndicate, his DRM-free digital comics website.

The "Walking Dead" story isn't the only Image Comics-Panel Syndicate news to come out of the expo; Vaughan, Martin and Muntsa Vicente's "The Private Eye," which is published on Panel Syndicate, will also go to print at Image Comics.

Those in attendance at the Image Expo panel also received a free copy of "We Stand on Guard" #1 by himself and Steve Skroce. The first issue of the series came was released yesterday, July 1.

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