Brian K. Vaughan Announces Departure From "Runaways"

Brian K. Vaughan announced on his official site today that he and artist Adrian Alphona will be leaving Runaways, the series they co-created at Marvel Comics, with issue #24. In the statement posted to his site's message board, Vaughan says, ...this is not because of creative differences and that relations with Marvel remain good. Ending the series at this time is entirely my idea.

CBR News last spoke to Brian K. Vaughan in November last year, when the series was still finding its audience. In less than a year since that interview, Runaways has become more than a cult phenomenon. Reminiscing, Vaughan explains, No one thought 'Runaways' would last six months, but after nearly forty issues and a few Eisner nominations, our sales are still going up (especially with the digest collections in bookstores), making our series one of the most successful comics starring all-new characters to be launched by any major company in recent memory.

In his statement, Vaughan stresses that his and Alphona's departure does not mark the end of the fan-favorite series. He indicates that Runaways was designed to survive on the strengths of its characters and not on the involvement of its original creators. I wanted our kids to be able to eventually run away from us, and find new life apart from their 'parents.'

Vaughan added, I can say with a great deal of confidence that these next five issues are the pinnacle of the series, and Adrian and I decided the best thing for the Runaways would be to hand them off to new creators on this high note, rather than risk overstaying our welcome until we ran ourselves -- and the book -- into the ground.

Runaways #24, Vaughan and Alphona's final issue, is planned to ship in January.

Click here to read CBR's November 2005 interview with Runaways co-creator Adrian Alphona.

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