Brian Froud explores the lives of <i>Trolls</i>

Although artist Brian Froud's never done actual comics per se, his work falls neatly within the ideaspace of comics in terms of genre, tone and artistry. His work is best known through the movies Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, and he's based his career in that kind of work doing art books based on various supernatural characters and groupings. In September, Abrams is releasing a new Froud artbook, this time showcasing the English artist's designs for trolls in a book titled, fittingly enough, Trolls.

In the preview copy Abrams provided, I quickly learned this is more than just a collection of artwork but is an exploration of trolls through art as well as writing, in terms of their culture, mannerisms and personalities. Brian, along with his puppetmaker wife Wendy (who created the original Yoda puppet), really develop an encompassing world for the trolls here -- like something you'd see done as a history text for a real life race of creatures. And Froud, well ... through the book he almost convinces me trolls might be real.

Trolls goes on sale Saturday in bookstores and online, and is a great buy for fantasy fans or someone who just likes trolls. Here's a sample of what's inside:

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