Brian Bolland's 'Joker trophy wall' brought to unsettling life

Never let it be said The Joker isn't the sentimental type. After all, he maintains a trophy wall, as depicted in a 2005 commission by Brian Bolland. With a lot of work, and some help from friends, cosplayer Anthony Misiano (aka Harley's Joker) has brought that illustration to life in an unnerving homage.

"Believe it or not, altogether roughly 45 photos were used in the final composition, 16 of which just for the Joker alone," Misiano wrote on Facebook. "You'd never guess how much work really does go into it all."

Revealing that the piece took 50 hours to complete, he added, "Nothing was plain and simple, honestly. But totally worth it, I'm very happy with the final result."

He's offering "Trophies" as a limited-run poster, available on his website.

(via reddit)

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