Brian Bendis To Write "How To" Comics Book

Anyone who's past their college years or just far afield from Portland but had an interest in learning the craft of comics from Brian Michael Bendis now have a second option. Today, The Hollywood Reporter had the news that the best-selling Marvel Comics writer will publish a "How To" guide to writing for the medium at Random House based in part on the classes he's currently teaching at Portland State University.

Bendis told the trade that he was inspired by the number of requests he gets from fans for advice on breaking into comics. "It would be nice to just hand them a book and go 'Here is everything I would tell you if we were hanging out.'"

Set for a 2013 release, Bendis' book will cover the basics of writing and getting your career in comics started without only instructing readers on how to write in his style. A wide-range of topics from Marvel style plots to full scripting will be covered...as will the ins and outs of protection one's rights.

"We read in the paper every week someone did something wrong, someone didn't sign something, someone didn't protect themselves," Bendis said of a current comics culture built in part on creator exploitation. "Every minute there are more and more platforms in which you can succeed and get ripped off. You need to protect yourself."

For more, see the Hollywood Reporter, and stay tuned to CBR News for more on the book as it becomes available.

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