Bendis Talks Superman's [SPOILER], Batman's Big Mystery & His DC Imprint

With Superman #1 now here, and Action Comics #1001 just over the horizon, a curated imprint in the works and a recently announced Batman project taking place in the Walmart-exclusive hundred page specials, the Rebirth-era DC Universe is about to get a major makeover at the hands of Brian Michael Bendis.

The revolution has, in fact, already begun. The recently concluded Man of Steel limited series introduced Bendis' take on Clark Kent to the world, along with a new villain and a new take on Krypton's destruction, setting the stage and putting the pieces in motion for a Superman epic the likes of which the DCU has never seen.

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Ahead of Superman #1's arrival, we caught up with Bendis to chat all about his ideas for the future of the Man of Steel, as well as get some of the first details about his plans for Batman and just where his work is going to fit into the bigger picture as the Rebirth-era marches on.

CBR: To start off, can you talk a little bit about how you're going to differentiate between Superman and Action Comics?

Brian Michael Bendis: It's actually a fairly easy to spot just with Superman. That book will be like the biggest stories, the stories where I get to handle big villains and big surprises. Honestly, the very first year of Superman is a gigantic epic. By the end of the first year, we're going to be something in the DC Universe that actually hasn't been done before. Even Geoff Johns said to me, "Oh, yeah, no one has ever done that."

And I was so excited because, you know, a DC, compared to Marvel -- there's twice the continuity [...] but they've not done this before! It's exciting. What we're seeing in the very first issue of Superman is the beginning of a story with a lot of twists and turns, and at the end, the actual DC Universe will have a new thing in it. So a lot's gonna happen there.

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Whereas Action Comics will be diving into the world of Clark Kent, which is the world of Superman, but this is The Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, cracking the mysteries of Metropolis. What's going on on the streets.

Also there's stuff that dives into why Clark is a reporter, too. I'm a little obsessed with the idea that so much of what has happened to Clark and his life has actually happened to him versus choices that he's made.

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